by Great Outdoors Nursery

A frequently asked question here in the nursery is “How do I keep (enter plant name) alive in my horrible soil, this unbearable wind, and this unpredictable weather?”  Many times the answer requires a game of 20 questions.  The first answer is always “It depends.”

It depends on what part of town you live in, how much water the plant is getting, whether it is on a drip system or being hand watered, not to mention if it is planted in full sun or part shade. Being aware of these components is the beginning to solving garden dilemmas.

The soil from the west side to the east side of Albuquerque is like night and day.  Sandy soil vs. clay-like soil can cause a wealth of problems.  So, the solution? Plant the proper plants in the proper place.  The watering situation can also be a frustrating problem and the soil type will determine the watering solution.  It is a quandary that many gardeners face.  It can be trial and error determining what and where to plant.  The first step may be to visit an independent nursery that can answer questions that keep you awake at 3 am.

Note: We are sorry to say that Great Outdoors Nursery closed its doors this year. We miss them.