Happy New Year! Time to Renew?

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Plant Care | 0 comments

“Anyone who thinks that gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part…Gardening begins in January, with a dream” – Josephine Neuse

 Plant trees and shrubs now to develop roots over winter

It’s a brand new year, and time for a new approach as you walk around your garden. Looking with fresh eyes, analyze the area. Have you been completely happy with the shade trees (if you have them)? Do you need shrubs to block New Mexico’s fierce winds? Would your yard be more appealing with an accent plant or focal point? Remembering what will sprout in a too short time, do you want more color, or would some spots of white be the splash to make the yard sing? More butterfly-attracting flowers? How about something for hummingbirds?

After you decide what you want, it’s catalog time. Idea books help, for budgetary planning, plant colors, sizes, and to identify those plants which should do well in our zones. Even so, the final choice should be based on what you see at local nurseries. Wander through them even before the growing season begins. The plants available are ones they think will survive here. Azaleas look wonderful in a catalog, but (in general) they are not happy in our soil pH and dry heat. You won’t find them in our stores.

Winter is a good time to move plants. They aren’t so shocked if transplanted while dormant. They will still need watering gently to keep the roots moist and protect them from freezing.

Create your own arbor day—plant and snuggle the babies in with a good mulch covering to keep them happy!