The 2018 Corrales Garden Tour

This information is from the 2018 tour. Please check back in January for details on the 2019 tour!

Gardens in various stages of development and in different growing environments are featured in this year’s Annual Corrales Garden Tour, Sunday June 3 from 9am-4pm. You’ll visit a carefully chosen assortment of garden types—one a very mature garden that has been continually developed and reworked for over 35 years—another is unique in its use of rocks. Several rejuvenated gardens plus a newly landscaped garden are included in the tour. Some are located under trees near the Bosque while others are in the sandhills. All these private gardens on the self-guided tour sponsored by Corrales MainStreet are located within the historic Village of Corrales.

Thinking about doing something different in your garden? See how various landscape designers, installers, and homeowners have met the challenges presented by gardening in our arid Southwest. When you see different plant materials, hardscapes, water features, and containers, integrated to create comfortable and interesting outdoor living spaces, you can visualize how they will look in your garden.

One example is a distinctive contemporary home surrounded by a newly landscaped yard with beautiful low-water-demand

beds of easily-maintained blooming plants. A separate area is devoted to grapes, raspberries, apples, and pears. Even the raised vegetable garden, fenced off against rabbits, is a handsome addition to the property.

Another garden is a hummingbird haven. Using a variety of colorful native plants including many different sages and salvias, with a pond inside the adobe wall, and a ground-level bird bath adjacent to sagebrush, the garden was designed to attract a variety of birds. An assortment of blooming plants provides season long accents to this beautiful setting.

Trees highlight a large garden with berms used to create intimate spaces. Winding flagstone paths, water features, and groves maintain interest as you enjoy three waterfalls, several pools, meandering streams with a bridge, and a wisteria arbor. Interwoven in the landscape are many natural-appearing beds of perennials, plus non-native trees added for their fruit or color. Is this really in Corrales?

At the entrance to the commercial area, an inventive sculpture garden invites visitors to a business and family homesite. The original layout, pathways, and central low-walled enclosure featuring a wood carving created from a dead tree, were designed by one of the homeowners. Recently they added new plantings for color and texture, complementing the inventive metal, glass and wood sculptures—many evoking Kachinas or Indian spirits. Locally grown perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs, chosen for hardiness, low maintenance, and color harmony were used.

In another location, a different situation. These homeowners were challenged by a dead landscape, pesky rabbits, and sandy soil when they bought their house 5 years ago. Under the guidance of a professional landscape designer, they transformed their property. Beginning with soil amendment, they next improved the irrigation system, selected appropriate plant materials for different locations, and are now pleased with the diversity of plantings providing interest throughout the year. Yard art and a new fountain complement this revived garden.

Occupying a vantage point at the top of the sandhills, the owner of a unique yard has used tons of rocks from across New Mexico to create activity centers on different levels. A step-back retaining wall of tires whose spaces are filled with irises forms one side of a path. Rock work in different patterns provides interest while anchoring native plants. Bricks, rocks, and wood, all mix in winding paths, and floors of flagstones offer seating near a fire pit.

The Plein Air Painters are back for 2018! Watch them paint in this year’s featured gardens, and you may even spot them painting around Corrales during the month of May. All paintings will be offered for sale starting at noon on the day of the tour. Look for the tent in front of Corrales Fine Arts in the Mercado de Maya at 4685 Corrales Road on June 3, or browse inside the Gallery at your convenience.

Tickets can be purchased on line at (button on the home page) or at the Frontier Mart and Village Mercantile in the Corrales and some local garden centers. Tickets are $12. in advance and $15. the day of the Tour at tents on Corrales Road. For more information about the tour go to the website or contact MainStreet at 505-350-3955, email at

Invite your friends to join you and spend the day in the Village, enjoying the gardens, dining at a local restaurant, visiting the Growers Market or a local winery. See you at a garden on June 3!